Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that can salvage a severely damaged or infected tooth, offering numerous benefits for your oral wellbeing. If you are experiencing a persistent toothache or discomfort, it is essential to consider the advantages of this treatment.

Root canal therapy offers several key benefits. First and foremost, it helps you keep your natural teeth intact, which is essential for maintaining proper oral function and aesthetics. Unlike extraction, root canal treatment allows you to preserve your smile’s natural appearance. Additionally, it relieves the excruciating pain associated with infected teeth. By removing the infected pulp and sealing the tooth, root canal therapy prevents the spread of infection to other areas of your mouth, reducing the risk of more extensive dental problems.

During a root canal procedure at Dental on the Hudson, our dentist will carefully remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth, clean and disinfect the space and then seal it to prevent further infection. This process not only alleviates pain but also preserves the tooth’s structural integrity.

Do not let tooth pain compromise your oral health. Consider root canal therapy in Riverdale, New York, as an effective solution to preserve your natural teeth and regain your dental comfort. Consult with Dr. Samuel Rosenbaum to learn more about this beneficial treatment option. Call 718-601-2685 to schedule your visit today.

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