Digital X-rays have revolutionized the way dental offices diagnose and treat oral health issues. This advanced imaging technology has replaced traditional film X-rays, offering a safer and more efficient means of capturing detailed images of your mouth. At Dental on the Hudson, we proudly offer digital X-rays in Riverdale, New York, as part of our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of care.

Digital X-rays, also known as digital radiography, involve the use of electronic sensors to capture dental images. These sensors are connected to a computer, allowing for the immediate display of the X-ray images on a screen. Unlike traditional film X-rays, which required chemicals for development and produced more radiation, digital X-rays are faster, emit significantly less radiation and provide exceptional image quality. They allow our dentist to examine your oral health with precision and accuracy, aiding in the early detection of dental problems.

Digital X-rays offer a myriad of benefits for both patients and dental professionals. First and foremost, they reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%, ensuring your safety. Additionally, the images can be enhanced, enlarged or manipulated to provide a better view of dental issues. This technology also enables Dr. Samuel Rosenbaum to instantly share images with you, facilitating better communication about your oral health and treatment options. Moreover, digital X-rays are eco-friendly, eliminating the need for hazardous X-ray chemicals.

When you come in for a dental examination, our skilled team will use digital X-rays as needed to assess your oral health. The process is quick, painless and highly efficient. You will experience less waiting time, more accurate diagnoses and a higher level of dental care during your visit. Rest assured, we prioritize your safety and comfort at every step of your dental journey. Call us at 718-601-2685 if you have any questions.

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