Emergency dentistry is the dental equivalent of urgent medical care, addressing sudden and often painful dental issues that require prompt attention. It provides rapid relief from severe dental pain caused by issues like toothaches, broken teeth or abscesses. This immediate pain relief can be a tremendous source of comfort for patients in distress.

Emergency dentistry is vital for preventing further damage to your oral health. Quick intervention can prevent minor problems from escalating into major dental issues, saving you time, money and potential discomfort down the road. By addressing dental emergencies promptly, you also preserve the integrity of your teeth and gums, ensuring your oral health remains intact.

Emergencies can strike at any time, and you might need emergency dentistry if you experience:

  • Severe Toothaches: Persistent, unbearable tooth pain can signal an underlying issue that needs immediate attention.
  • Fractured or Knocked-Out Teeth: Accidents or injuries can result in broken or knocked-out teeth, which require swift repair.
  • Abscesses or Infections: Oral infections can quickly become life-threatening if left untreated.
  • Lost Fillings or Crowns: These situations can expose sensitive dental structures and require prompt replacement.

When you seek emergency dentistry, you can expect:

  • Rapid Assessment: Our dentist will assess the issue promptly, often with diagnostic tools like X-rays.
  • Immediate Treatment: Depending on the problem, we will provide the necessary treatment, which may include fillings, extractions or pain relief.
  • Follow-Up Care: You may need additional visits for complete treatment or to monitor your progress.

Emergency dentistry in Riverdale, New York, is a vital service that ensures your dental health remains intact, even in the face of sudden crises. Do not hesitate to seek help when dental emergencies arise by calling Dental on the Hudson immediately at 718-601-2685. We can help schedule an impromptu appointment with our dentist, Dr. Samuel Rosenbaum to get you back to your optimal oral health.

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